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Who we help

With decades of experience, Results Technology Group knows exactly the struggles your business is facing. We specialize in guiding manufacturers, distributors, and membership associations make the right decisions for them.


Manufacturing is incredibly competitive and only the most capable will survive. If your technology is not leading your efficiency efforts, then we should talk. We take the complexity out of selecting ERP software and will help guide you through a successful technology implementation. Don’t get overwhelmed by the thoughts of bringing in new technology to your organization. Reach out to Results Technology Group and we will take the anxiety out of your ERP implementation process.



Today, distributors MUST have the right product at the right price and in the right location. As buyers, both consumers and businesses, continue to expect reduced lead times and the best price each and every time – Distributors must anticipate their needs in order to win their business. Technology must be deployed properly to help you exceed your customer’s expectations. Results Technology Group is the right organization to ensure that you implement a system that will allow you to succeed.


Membership Associations

The lifeblood of your organization are your members. The pressure to continuously improve the member experience is growing at a rapid pace. Is your technology enabling your staff to exceed their expectations? If you want to fully leverage your technology, call Results Technology Group. We will help you determine if your current AMS, CRM, CMS, LMS, or other related technology can take you into the future or if there is a better solution that your organization should implement. This can be a challenging endeavor and with Results Technology Group it will be transformed into a logical, practical, and efficient process.

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