Software Selection Association Case Studies


Software Selection Association Case Studies


Organization Details:

  • NFP Association with educational offerings and 10k+ membership

Client Challenge:

  • Client utilized a legacy AMS system that was no longer supported

  • Client risked catastrophic software failure resulting in negative membership experience and effectiveness of staff


  • Organized an internal selection team of key participants from various departments

  • Documented unique requirements

  • Developed current processes to use as a baseline for evaluating new AMS system

  • Used proven methodology throughout selection process

  • Guided selection team through each phase culminating in final decision

  • Negotiated agreement with chosen AMS


  • Association averted potential software failure

  • Client confidently moved forward with selected system that would effectively serve members and staff into the future


Organization Details:

  • NFP Association with 20,000+ members

Client Challenge:

  • Client ran a custom-built AMS which only one employee knew how to fix


  • Developed comprehensive requirements

  • Sent RFIs to seven qualified software solution providers

  • Conducted three in depth scripted demos

  • Guided team to final software decision

  • Negotiated contracts with chosen provider


  • Implemented a solution that was maintainable

  • Chose a software provider with strong financials and stable future thus providing long term commitment to the client

  • Client trained new employees on the maintenance of the new system

  • Selected software regularly updated to provide continual enhancements