Manufacturers, distributors and associations deserve strong, thoughtful technology leadership. 

The Technological Answers Are Out There. But You Don’t Need To Find Them On Your Own.

Our company began at a time when many manufacturers and distributors were feeling pushed to their limit. Just before the year 2000, a variety of them were scrambling to figure out a solution to their ERP system question – namely, they feared the impending “Y2K” threat could wipe out their current solution. So what did they do? They bought new ERP systems primarily out of fear.

 Years later, many of those very same manufacturers and distributors were at the same place they started, questioning their current solution or if the answer was even a technological one at all.

Having witnessed this type of vicious cycle play out in far too many businesses, we decided there had to be a better way to help companies make more intelligent decisions about technology. After all, a CRM system, ERP system or AMS system is no small investment.

 What can Results Technology Group provide?

From our first conversation, we approach each client challenge with no assumptions. Instead, we ask deep and thoughtful questions about your goals and current processes. What concerns and frustrations brought you to this point in time? What are you expecting your system to help you accomplish? Are you sure that your current system can’t evolve from its present state to get you there? In fact, are you sure that your real challenge isn’t one of people and processes instead of or in addition to technology?

 You see, we have such a deep passion for helping businesses that even if we're not the right solution for you, we'll do our very best to point you toward a resource that can help your company maintain its momentum.

 Our purpose at Results Technology Group is to be a trusted technology advisor acting in the best interests of your company. By saving our clients thousands or even millions of dollars, we help companies create an environment for happier employees and stakeholders.

 A result like that is even more significant than selecting the right system – and to a company that has Results in its very name, nothing is more powerful or rewarding.

Let Results Technology Group Assist You