Smartphones and Age Discrimination

First, my apologies to all of you smartphone manufacturers, distributors, and everyone else in the smartphone supply chain. I understand that none of you are intentionally discriminating against the over 50 years old, but your devices cannot help it. If you are under fifty you probably don't understand, unless you have "old" eyes.

If you have the eyesight of a fifty year old you know what I'm talking about. The screens are getting smaller, some now are growing a little bit, but certainly not approaching the size of my 22" monitor! The trend is to do more on your smartphone, but is that really happening with the fifty-plus set?I think not. The growth in smartphone use is definitely happening with the 13-19, 20-29, and probably even the 30-39 year old demographics because they can still see the screens that they are using.

Now to be fair to the smartphone manufacturers, they have figured out how to make the font size grow in the texting and e-mail applications. Most of them do a decent job with the presentation of websites, too. But once you increase the size so that you can read the print on your smartphone, it is ridiculous to try to navigate from one side of a web page to the other. Just in case you think I am just complaining, I'm not. I really just want to point out to all of those twenty somethings that in another 25-30 years, they won't be able to use their smartphones the same way as they do today. But there might be a solution.

Now if I was a brilliant software engineer, I would have already developed this solution. The problem as I see it is two-fold. First, the most brilliant software engineers have great eyesight, so this problem is not anywhere on their radar. Secondly, the growth in smartphones is not with the over fifty crowd, but is in the 13-29 years old's control. But I do have an idea.

What if there was a way to project a holographic image of your phone screen? You could resize it as you saw fit. Now, since I already told you I'm not a software engineer, I have no idea how you would "click" on something that is a hologram. I'll leave that up to the brilliant engineer that wants to capture the hearts and minds of us older folks. So when you see this new technology, remember that you heard it here first. And maybe send me a dollar, since I probably earned zilch for this fantastic idea!