Project Management services


At Results Technology Group, we have experienced project managers from our founder to senior consultants that understand the nuances of project management. This experience in predominantly technology projects helps our clients achieve success in their projects, when others struggle to achieve success at a rate of 30%.

Winning hearts and minds

One of the keys to successful projects is the ability to help people through the inevitable change that they will be experiencing with new technology. Our project managers are also adept at identifying people with concerns about their jobs and the fear of change. Our empathy for your people and their capacity to change will help to relieve a great deal of the stress on the organization and your people. We mitigate these risks with thoughtful interactions with those that need guidance the most.


Of course you can "over communicate", but with Results Technology Group leading the project you can be assured of the proper level of communications throughout the organization for the duration of the project. Our proven methodology allows key executives to be engaged without being saturated with information about the project. Client-side subject matter experts (SME) will receive their own communications that allow them to be be appropriately involved with decision points along the way. Our project managers are focused on collaborative communication which leads to greater client satisfaction and success.

Details matter

There are times when it makes sense to "not sweat the small stuff". but project management is NOT one of those times. We help your implementation resources both on the vendor and client side to build a detailed project plan that leaves no stone unturned. It is this attention to detail that our clients rely on to guide them through a complex technology project. While there is a great deal of detail with most of our projects, we stay singularly focus on the project goals and objectives. This leads to a results oriented conclusion.