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3 Benefits of Outsourcing the CTO Function

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on the expertise of CTO’s to make the right decisions to complement their strategic direction in order to continue to grow and innovate.

Small businesses, in particular, often don’t have the capital to employ a full-time CTO with the in-depth experience and skill set to manage, upgrade, and implement cutting-edge technology.

So, is it worth it to hire an outsider then?

Absolutely. Outsourcing the CTO function can give your business the shot in the arm it needs, because these professionals cost you less, provide an independent voice, and have proven track records of success with other organizations like yours.

Below, we unpack the key benefits of outsourcing the CTO function to a fractional business leader.

1. Cost Benefit

Executive leadership sounds expensive, which is true when the roles are in-house and full-time. That’s not necessarily the case when contracting for professional services that don’t require full-time attention. As Entrepreneur put it, “You can even hand over entire business functions to instantly expand your company’s skill set.”

Globally, 74% of companies outsource IT compared to HR (52%), procurement (43%), and finance (39%). Nevermind the cost of a full-time executive; an outsourced part-time CTO can cost less than a salaried administrative assistant.

2. Objective Point of View

Having someone you trust in your corner who brings an independent perspective is the type of CTO who can prove to be a game-changer for your business.

Whereas many smaller organizations rely on the “knowledge” of specific software company representatives, an untethered CTO can provide clear and independent technology solutions options. Further, this individual is mindful of best practices, latest standards, and top innovations in technology that generate tangible rewards for companies across various sectors.

3. Historical Success

Obviously, not all independent CTO’s are created equally. We’ve stressed the importance of conducting due diligence when it comes to selecting software for your organization, and this area is no exception.

Finding a candidate who has helped organizations like yours is critical, which requires a well-planned vetting process. Do they have the sharp insights and technical acumen? How can they enhance your current workflow and help overcome deficiencies? How will they lead by example and influence your IT staff? Do they have communication skills to effectively work with all departments and the various personalities to lead important change throughout the business?

The right outsourced CTO fit can tremendously bolster efficiency and productivity by outlining a strategic vision for the long-term that will prepare your company for the future.

Business is fraught with risks of all stripes, and small businesses by and large shoulder more risk than corporate entities. Investing in a proven CTO can mitigate risk and open the door to opportunities to transform your business and propel it forward.

The Results Technology Difference

We know a thing or two about solving our clients’ business technology challenges by acting as their outsourced CTO, helping them make the right decisions. See for yourself by reading our client success stories.

Results Technology Group provides technology services to our clients with best-in-class software selection, project management, and business technology leadership services. To learn more about our fractional CTO expertise and capabilities, schedule a free 30-minute technology discussion.

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