Is Your Technology Helping Your Organization Grow?


The first thing that goes through most executives' minds when thinking about technology that can help grow their business is CRM. Customer Relationship Management gets top billing because of its emphasis on the sales side of the organization. Certainly not a bad place to start, but it should not be the only aspect of technology that you consider when trying to leverage technology in growing your business.

So if CRM is on your mind, how do you figure out which solution is the best for your company? Start with a review of your BEST sales processes. We say best because sales people have a tendency to not like to follow a strict process, so if you have 10 sales people, you probably have 10 different sales processes. Now we are not saying that your sales people must follow a strict process, but we can tell you that the highest performing sales teams do, in fact, have a proven process that is followed most of the time. It is also important to point out that CRM is not just technology, but it is how you want to interact with your prospects and customers. So as you look at technology, first consider how your sales people will communicate with your prospects and customers. This may help you narrow your choices down as you find certain technology that your team will adopt more easily and will have a more immediate positive impact on your sales efforts.

As you move your thoughts of growth beyond a CRM strategy and technology, there are other technologies that can have a positive impact on your growth. Here are some other technologies to keep top of mind as you pursue your growth plans.

  • Forecasting software

  • Warehouse management software

  • Redeveloping your website

  • Social media software

If you want some guidance regarding the above mentioned technologies, just let us know. In future blogs, we will dive into each in some detail to help you determine if one is the right one for you to pursue.