A Chicago-based Association Needed to Replace Their Obsolete AMS


The association had a technology solution that was no longer being supported with research and development. While they had support for their current solution, it was antiquated in terms of technology and was not helping them with efficiency and growth.


RTG was hired to help them build a software selection team and the requirements for the new system. We helped the team think about the future and what it could look like for their association. A number of software solution providers were contacted and we helped the team narrow the field down to three highly viable solutions. The process that we led was designed to efficiently move the team through to a selection decision that would serve the association for a number of years of growth. Contracts were then negotiated that were very favorable for this client. Actually, they were also fair for the solution provider. One of our goals was to find a solution provider that could support the association today and well into the future.


The association's board unanimously approved the investment and supported the effort to implement the new solution. Many new processes are being developed that will enhance the experience with their members and at the same time improve the efficiency across all departments.