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About Us


Results Technology Group

Who we are is almost as important as why and how we successfully help organizations just like yours.

Our people have some gray hair or no hair! We have worked in organizations from large to small in a variety of market segments. This broad range of experience allows us to bring ideas into our client organizations that have been proven successful in the past. At the same time, we are learning everyday about new concepts and ideas that can help our clients achieve greater results in their specific businesses


"We are dedicated to giving back to our community. We hope that you will, too."

David Panitch- President


Our Team


David Panitch- President

David Panitch has the ability to help people navigate the change required to continuously improve their roles in the organization and the change imperative in the organization, itself.

Mr. Panitch has developed successful methodologies encompassing business strategies, sales and operational process improvement, change management, and the alignment of technology to drive efficiencies throughout organizations. His knowledge in sales, marketing and technology spans a wide range of areas including: customer experience, sales forecasting, organizational and individual goal setting, creating and executing strategy, sales & operational efficiencies, technology assessments, software selections, and technology implementation project management.

Mike Hamilton-  Senior Consultant

Mike Hamilton advises businesses and organizations on the most effective ways to improve profitability and processes by helping focus on key indicators that drive the business or organization. The use of the correct technology is essential in tracking and monitoring these indicators, which in turn allows the business or organization to adapt quickly whenever variances occur. Mike facilitates the process of identifying these indicators through in-depth discussions with management. He has helped businesses and organizations develop business plans, marketing plans, and financial plans to help them reach their goals. Mike has owned his own consulting business, worked as a commercial banker, and has acted as the financial manager for various organizations throughout his career. 


Shari Panitch- Administrative Assist 

As the administrator at Results Technology Group, Shari has a wide range of responsibilities that all ultimately keeps the organization moving forward. Everything from reviewing reports for grammatical improvement, preparing invoices, entering payables, tracking schedules and tax preparation, Shari does it all. Her outstanding organizational skills help each of us work smarter and more efficiently. 

When not keeping the office running like a well-oiled machine, Shari volunteers in a variety of capacities on the Stevenson High School Foundation Board, a past board member at Temple Chai, and a frequent volunteer to charitable causes in the community, such as Feed My Starving Children and PADS Lake County.