What Makes Us Distinct?


We know that without execution there are no valuable results provided to our clients. Therefore, we focus our efforts on helping our clients execute their strategies. Our clients are very smart people that are most often stuck in the depths of their business. They are often pulled in multiple directions and are looked upon as the person with all the answers. We help the business leader rise out of the mud of running a business and enable them to successfully lead new initiatives that are focused on their specific goals.

We hate expenses...Don't you?

We never charge our clients for ordinary expenses. We hate them. We think that our clients hate them too! We believe that our travel time, mileage, cell phone usage, and other expenses related to our client-focused work are our business expenses, not yours!*

*This applies to work done within 75 miles of Chicago.

Guaranteed performance

Most of our engagements start with a business and organizational review. This review serves as the catalyst for the creation of our working relationship. It also serves to provide initial metrics that we use to measure our results. We believe that achieving results is the key to every consulting project. Most of our projects are fixed-fee. If there were a case where a client was not completely satisfied at the "end" of a project, we would continue to provide our services without additional remuneration until we reached their satisfaction.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement should be at the core of any highly functioning organization. We want your organization to embrace this philosophy, as well. We believe that we should help our clients over a longer period of time rather than just the engagement period. Change takes time. The important changes that we help your organization achieve will not stick without continual reinforcement. Once our engagement is completed, we will typically schedule quarterly meetings with the business owners for the following twelve months to ensure the organization is adapting to the changes and seeking additional ways to improve the organization.